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- Tailored to fit your needs -

Private Trips

Private tours

- Tailor made to fit your needs- 

Organising private tours is the specialty of the house. Everything from the perfect day-trip, to longer excursions taking the Ring Road with all the special secret stops that will make the trip a unique experience. We keep the pace just right, with no excessively long drives and the action and difficulty level of activities designed to fit each group.

Contact us and we'll put together an amazing private tour for you and your group!

Lava Lodge Adventures


For families and small groups of max 12, we offer adventures from our private  “Lava lodge” retreat located next to the interior regions of Iceland.

We tailor adventures to fit our lodgers needs with the right amount of activities and relaxation. Activities can include; snowmobile rides on a glacier, visit to a glacier ice tunnel, geothermal SPA, Icelands largest lava tube cave, horseback riding, fishing. farm visit, micro brewery visit. Many beautiful hiking trails are in the area and spectacular sightseeing spots.  For more info and to get details about our 2 and 3 day Trip Iceland lava lodge tours click here.

Multi day tour

Get some inspiration from some of our other classic private tours!

Valley of Thor

Under the volcano of Eyjafjallajökull is a valley that bears the name of the nordic god of thunder: “Thor.” Its dramatic beauty has attracted travelers for a thousand years and is one of Iceland’s most beloved places. People come from all over the world to hike in this incredible terrain.
We splash the superjeep over glacial rivers and fresh water streams, on the ash covered ground and lava rocks we roll in a modern luxury Superjeep.
It’s a paradise with devastating landscape that also has some beautiful, delicate secret places. 

Day Tour


Glacier Lagoon, golden circle, south coast 

 and natural ice cave!


(most popular combo tour)

Featuring Ice cave, glacier lagoon, south coast and the golden circle.

The glacier lagoon of “Jökulsárlón“ is an incredible place where glacial ice is breaking off the largest glacier in Europe, creating a lagoon where huge icebergs float around in a 300 meter deep freezing water. Ice caves are formed by the glacier and it's possible for you to visit them.

Day 1) Golden circle: Viking parliament site, world's most active spouting hot spring and Iceland's most beloved waterfall. Overnight in a country hotel.

Day 2) Ice cave, glacier lagoon and diamond beach!

Overnight in the same country hotel

Day 3) Drive the south coast and stop at the most amazing locations along the way.

This is a perfect trip for those who want the most from their stay in Iceland.

3-Day Tour

South Coast Beauty


See the wonders along the south coast of Iceland. The waterfalls of Skógar and Seljalandsfoss are a few of Iceland’s gems.

See the basalt lava columns rise out of the black volcanic sand giving shelter to the birds of the ocean. In the summer they’re swarming with puffins.​

Wild fresh water local Arctic charr prepared by a great chef is a lunch option.

It's a beautiful day experience in a dramatic landscape with an awesome guide 


Duration :  Full day 8-9 hours

Day Tour

Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is an Icelandic classic. Every Icelander has at some point in their lives driven the golden circle. It includes a visit to the place of the old viking parliament. Where the heart of the nation beats and where the continents of Europe and America are tearing Iceland apart creating the mighty Atlantic rift. 
Visit to the most active spouting hot spring in the world.
Lunch at the wonderful greenhouse/restaurant "fridheimar"
Where the food is grown just few steps from the kitchen.
Visit the most beloved waterfall in Iceland: the powerful "Gullfoss"

Duration : Full day 8 hours (back at the hotel in Reykjavik around 17.00-18.00)

Day Tour

Snæfellsnes Magic

The gateway to the center of the earth is in this glacier!

according to Jules Verne anyway -


There is magic in this area.

The Snæfellsnes peninsula is a favorite with local travellers. With its mountain range on one side and the ocean on the other, you feel immersed in the raw power of nature. The national park surrounding Iceland’s most mysterious glacier is full of wonder and beauty that locals love to explore again and again.


For example the surreal lava formations on the volcanic pebble stone beach, where positive energy flows down from the volcano that dwells underneath  the glacier. That is where your own “power pebble” is waiting for you. There is a stone for everyone there, you just need find yours. (more details on the tour)


Arnarstapi (Eagle’s point) Probably the smallest fishing village in the world.

Day Tour

Geothermal Wonderland

of Landmannalaugar


In the domain of volcano Hekla. Landmannalaugar is a an ancient rest stop where Viking travelers would camp on their long journeys across Iceland's unforgiving craggy volcanic landscape. This is still a campsite a thousand years later but now you can visit in a day. 

This tour is only possible between June-September as the snow in the highlands makes it very hard to get to in the winter. But even in July you can still see snow in the mountains. 

Day Tour

Trip of a lifetime!!! 

Reviewed on Tripadvisor 

Our 7 day trip was made up of an extended family of 11 people ranging from 3 to 83 years old. Villi did an OUTSTANDING job organizing a trip that each one of us thoroughly enjoyed! A very difficult job considering the age ranges and the rough terrain of Iceland. ... Each day was filled with amazing adventures.


He gave us a truly authentic taste of Iceland.

There is no one like Villi

Reviewed on Tripadvisor 

Villi is one of the best guides I have ever had on a trip. He is not only knowledge of all aspects of Iceland, but he lays out all the information (he doesn't sugarcoat everything) so everyone enjoys getting the full experience. He ended up being more of a part of our group instead of being just our guide. Truly enjoyed his company and the overall experience of the places we visited in Iceland.

The Real Iceland 

Reviewed on Tripadvisor 

My husband and I traveled to Iceland for our honeymoon as we wanted a trip that encompassed nature and beauty. We wanted a unique experience... We got more than we ever could have asked for with Villi! He was genuinely the highlight of our trip...He really loves his country and is excited to share it with you!  If you are looking for a UNIQUE and CUSTOMIZED tour of Iceland ... Villi is a MUST!


Contact us and we'll put together an amazing private tour for you and your group!

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