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Iceland Exclusive Travels is a family business we deeply care for. We have been organizing and executing high-quality private tours since 2010 for individuals and families, as well as companies and organizations

Our private trips are tailor-made to fit our customer's needs with the right balance of luxury and amazing activities. Our goal is to provide our guests with a truly amazing experience, whether it be for one person or a company trip with hundreds of participants. 

Lava Lodge west Iceland

We are excited about our Lava Lodge adventures, they are perfect for those who want to go off the beaten track and experience Iceland and all its wonders as we would like to experience it if we were visiting Iceland for the first time. 


We look forward to see you in Iceland,
Villi Goði and Sigrún Elsa

Your Destination Management in Iceland

Iceland Exclusive Travels is certified by the Icelandic Tourist Board.

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